John Oxlade
Intuitive Healer

Various testimonials from clients and students

In class 2

As a male, I enjoyed John's teaching style, humour, self-awareness - and in a class full of men.

It helped me find resonance between the ideas of Theta' and my own particularily male/masculine personality.

I had asked someone to feedback on the way I teach, and I got this...

You are compassionate, caring, clear and encouraging, approachable and concise.

I like that you give clear explanations, entering the healing/spiritual world can be quite confusing, but with you it is just "Follow the steps" and "Trust the Creator".

[John] kept the class lighthearted and fun without judgement, and willing to help.

You are compassionate, caring, clear and encouraging, approachable and concise.

From a fellow ThetaHealer met during some instructor's trianing:

John is a powerful healer with a great command of the ThetaHealing technique. I have received great support and enjoy his down-to-earth ... application of ThetaHealing. As a colleague, I have witnessed him skillfully accompany challenging sessions. I highly recommend him as a healer and teacher.

[I appreciate] your ability to be aware of the need of others whilst remaining objective and focussed on what is required for the teaching of the material.

Hi John,

[xxxx] asked if I could send a message just to say thank you for how long you gave him yesterday. He really enjoyed the session and it provided a great opportunity for us to have a really good and in depth conversation this morning which was amazing. He had lots of questions and I think it really helped having someone else sharing some stuff with him and it not just being from me. He seemed so much more open to my explanations this morning and getting to just sit and listen to the session yesterday I was able to see so many things in terms of his patterns that I hadn't been able to quite see when I was trying to support him directly as the practitioner.

So sending so much love and gratitude from [us both].

A very personable, honest approach, good at explaining things in a basic, understandable way for everybody.

What one of my students said after taking the ThetaHealing® Basic seminar:

Heart-opening, insightful, the most beautiful combination of "ah-ha" moments. I would recommend this course to everyone who is interested in deeper meanings.

I asked for some general feedback on a seminar/class I ran and got this... Not sure what to say really.

I wouldn't go anywhere else [to learn Theta'].

You have a calming energy and I enjoyed learning with a male instructor.

I'd like to thank John for the fantastic healing session yesterday. As last night is the first real sleep that I've had since I arrived back from New Zealand. No nose bleed either. Feeling so much better.

I'd like to say this if you feel something isn't right please check yourselves, and seek help.

I had a feeling that what I was experiencing wasn't quite right, but was unsure how to put it into words, until Sunday, when I texted John.

A session was organized and finally I feel like me again......

So please reach out to someone as we know and understand that we can live without feeling defeated, but as healers, we may feel that we don't deserve, and we deserve the best and only the best.

Thank you John for the following your students up.

I had asked someone to feedback on the way I teach, and I got this...

... you keep things fun, upbeet and happy. You allow us to learn by doing. You check with everyone and make sure we're OK.