Intuitive Healer


Using ThetaHealing® we can work together to identify and shift any blocks that may be holding you back from being the best you can be. This can be anything from emotinal, mental, physical or spirtual blocks. I can run sessions for you face-to-face or over the phone - in fact, many of my clients are overseas.

What you can expect in a session

Normally someone comes with a specific issue to look at, though occasionally it may be a "listless" feeling, or they're not sure why they feel the way they do. Either way, the session will run much the same. To start with, we will just discuss what is going on, then I will incorporate muscle-testing (*) and a questioning process to identify the underlying issue. We then use the Theta meditation to ask Creator to jsut change the negative issue for the client's highest and best.

* If a client is having a session over the phone, I teach the fundamentals of muscle-testing to them so they can test themselves. I have taught muscle-testing to people who are physically challenged and cannot muscle-test in the conventional way.

I am happy to work with men, women and children, even though sometimes we can uncover some very personal information or feelings. If you'd feel more comfortable working with a woman, I am happy to refer you either to Pip or a member of the Rainbow Team. I fully understand that some people just feel more comfortable working with a man or in some instances a woman - that's just the way it is and everything is fine.

The key is that the client feels comfortable at all times.

Just know that I have seen and heard a lot of things and I doubt there's anything you could tell me that would shock or alarm me - suprise maybe, but not shock.


Sessions normally run for around 45mins to 1.5 hrs depending on what comes up on the day and I charge $150 for 1hr ($75 for 30 mins, etc.).

I also offer 20 minute "taster" session for $20 to see if Theta' is something you would be interested in.

Please note that "taster" sessions are only available once per client and are not a way of getting on-going discounted sessions.

When I can see you

I can offer sessions at almost any time within reason (*), so please contact me to discuss options.

* I live in New Zealand which is 12hrs ahead of UTC / GMT.