Intuitive Healer

Feeling intuitively, being psychic

Feeling "intuitively"

OK, so you don't think that people have the ability to "sense" beyond regular "sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing"? So how is it that you can walk into a room where there's just been a blazing row and you can "feel" the tension? Incidentally, this is being "clairsentient".

Many years ago when I was a kid (and not easily spooked), I was in my parent's attic and clearly remember a "presence" wafting past my shoulder. I wasn't scared of going up there before or after, but there was definitely something going on that day.

Being psychic

... is little more than being "in tune" with your own senses and things that are going on around you. Once you start noticing things, you'll be surprised at what you do notice. For instance:

As if to prove a point, just as I had finished typing this article, I got this message from a friend.
  • You look at the clock and it is 11:11 or similar - this happens more often than you'd think. In fact it should only happen 8 times in one day (10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55), and only be visible for 1 minute each time. With 60 minutes in each of the 24 hours and 8 possible instances, that makes it a 1 in 180 chance you'll see one of them. So why does it appear to happen more often?
  • How often when you park your car in a carpark is one of the cars near you arriving and that same car is leaving when you do, regardless of how long you were in the store?
  • Have you ever noticed that if you have to push and push to try and make something happen it isn't supposed to? Take the pressure off and open yourself up to possibilities; you often find that something different and usually better is waiting for you.
  • How often do you think of someone and they call you almost straightaway? It happens around here all the time.

Coincidence? No, this is synchronicity

There is nothing demonic or dark about listening to your own senses and trusting your own feelings.

If someone prays to God, is it not reasonable to assume that he might answer back?