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Being in Colour - cards for the 21st century

The Being in Colour® toolkit is a pack of 42 full-colour cards and a companion book in a pouch.

Cards have been used within the spiritual community for many years, but these are truly cards for the 21st century. Each image has been carefully chosen to assist the client/reader with clarity around a question or decision to be made. How the client feels about the image is the most important thing, however there is a comprehensive booklet to support them in their readings. For instance, if the client drew the red card but said it made them feel cold, regardless of whether other people think red is warm, you would work on why the client felt cold.

The cards are particularly good at starting a conversation and identifying something to be worked on, and as such they work very well at the beginning of a ThetaHealing® session.

The pack contains the 42 full-colour cards and a 150 page accompanying manual.

The card deck can be used in a multitude of ways from personal to public card readings, in healing sessions, teaching or as coaching tools. The cards will go as deep as the person using them understands or is guided, and are suitable for everyone from all walks of life and corners of the globe, to assist you to be the best you possibly can be in this moment.

The focus of these cards is you the reader, and through careful processes you can start to discover a solution to the questions in your life and gain ultimate peace and a sense of well being.

Why? Because the ripple effects of any life threatening or chronic condition are more than what it actually is; it is the impact on your mind, body and soul and how it touches everyone around you in society and beyond.

The processes involved in this card deck will enable you to see through the fog, find a solution that feels right, and to develop emotional and inner spiritual awareness safely.

The information in the accompanying guide book introduces the psychology of colour, steps to personal wellness, what the cards mean and how they can assist you to be the best you can be and gives you many options for activities or healing modalities to help you move forward on your personal journey.

Author: Pip Oxlade (all of the graphics for the cards and book were made print-ready by myself from Pip's original)

Being in Colour - cards for the 21st century
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