John Oxlade
ThetaHealing Certificate of Science Master practitioner and teacher

Where do you feel drawn on your spiritual path?

Chakra BeingI was talking to someone the other day and realised that people who want to explore more about spirituality don't necessarily know what they want to do, so telling them about courses may not help. So I thought I would try and redress the balance and give you some pointers from the other side-of-the-fence.

So what does inspire you? What do you want to explore more of?

First and foremost, you need to look at yourself. What motivates you? Everyone, and I mean everyone (except maybe the Dalai Lama), has issues they need to work on. You need to look within and become more at peace with who you are. There are many ways to do this, such as meditation, Reiki, etc., but I would like to discuss some of the ThetaHealing® classes you can attend to learn more.

If you want a general introduction to spiritulity and psychic techniques, the Rainbow Children / Rainbow Young Adult class might be of interest. This can be run either for children (7-11 yrs old) or young adults (12 yrs and upward) and consists of sixteen 2-hour classes that can be taught in a number of ways (2 evenings a week for 2hrs each over 8 weeks, 8 days full-time, etc.).

Topics covered include:

  • Empathic reading of an object
  • Guided meditation
  • Introduction to the seven planes of existence
  • Introduction to readings
  • Introduction to healing
  • Belief and feeling work
  • Introduction to spirits and guradian angels
  • Clairvoyance
  • Introduction to crystals
  • Plants, herbs and essential oils
  • Communicating with animals
  • Drumming, totems and power-animal
  • and more...

There are no pre-requisites for the Rainbow Children / Rainbow Young Adult class as it is "stand alone", however you must complete all sixteen days / modules to receive your certificate.

ThetaHealing Basic, the foundation for all that follows and an introduction to spirituality.

  • You get to learn about the power of words. You know the old saying "Be careful of what you wish for, you may just get it"? This was clearly written by someone who understood the power of words and thoughts. In fact, when you start looking in to it, there are a LOT of sayings in English that people just "throw around" without taking the time to stop, step back, and think about where it originated.
  • You learn about the different psychic senses that you have heard of, and you will come to appreciate that that many people have these skills though they may be dormant. It may not be until later that you recognise that YOU have these skills too. If you don't believe me, go in to a room where there has just been an argument. The argument may be over, but you can "feel" the tension in the room. How is this possible if it is over? This is one of your psychic senses kicking in, and in this class you'll find out which one.
  • If you are interested in spirituality, you most likely acknowledge that there is some "deity" or form of universal energy. What you call it doesn't matter as ThetaHealing works across all belief systems, you just need to believe, then we will guide you through a meditation to enhance your connection to the all-encompassing energy and love of creation.
  • You get to learn about beliefs we hold on to that are holding us back - and the tools and techniques for helping to clear them. This may just be one bullet on the list, but this is a big part of ThetaHealing®.
  • Understand the Power of Observation. Some people feel that spirituality is all mumbo-jumbo, but if you can actually show them beliefs changing they must acknowledge it.

I personally feel that the Advanced class is more like "Basic part 2" and I wouldn't want the name "advanced" to put people off.

In fact, many of the topics from Basic are gone over again in Advanced, just in more detail.

  • You look at a LOT of feelings.
  • You cover Resentments, Rejections and Regrets (the 3Rs in Theta' terminology) in detail. Pretty much everyone, will have a regret (something you did in the past), a resentment (perhaps from school or work) or feel rejected (maybe by a parent). The 3Rs are very common - and very easy to work on too.
  • You look more in-depth at what in the Theta' world are called the 7 planes of existence (humans are on the 3rd, plants are 2nd, the earth and rocks are the 1st).

I have mentioned about Beliefs, Feelings and the 3Rs, but how do you identify them so you know what you have to work on? That's where Dig Deeper comes in.

  • The whole idea is to try and identify a belief to address, and "digging" is the Theta' name for the line of questioning you are taught. Some of these techniques are actually introduced in Advanced but this is where you get the time to practice them.

NOTE: These three seminars (Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper) are pre-requisites if you wish to carry on and do any other Theta' classes.

Then, in the Theta' world, you can start looking at where you want to take your own personal journey. Several of the classes cross over in the material they cover, but usually one will cover it in much more detail. For instance, Plants are touched on in Advanced, but their is a separate Plant class that goes into much more detail.

In class 2

Working on yourself

Working with other people

Also applicable to working on yourself

Working with animals and plants

First and foremost, Theta' is all about working on yourself right up until you get to the DNA3 class - which I'll talk about later.

Sometimes people start questioning where their visualisations or messages are coming from; others think they are just imagining things. The You and the Creator class is designed to help you understand where the messages are coming from and thus be descerning on what you do with these messages.

  • Which aspect of your mind are you tapping in to?
  • Is it your survival-self, maybe your ego?
  • Hearing voices in your head?

This class can show you the techniques to use to identify whether it is Creator, your higher-self or something else talking to you.

If you have excessive "mind chatter" or have troubling thoughts and dreams, this is the seminar for you.

I believe that it would be a good idea for everyone to do Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, You and the Creator, and then go on to do the other courses that interest you.

You and Your Significant Other is all about how to nurture the relationship you have with your partner. It also covers what to expect when your new partner has children, what happens when your new partner moves in, and typical patterns that emerge when people get together and start working out their roles and boundaries with each other.

If you are still single, it might also give you an idea of why.

Manifesting and Abundance helps you work through a whole bunch of limiting beliefs and identify exactly what it is that you want in life. You’re then given some techniques to help you manifest these in your life.

If you can shift enough restricting beliefs, it is possible to manifest anything.

Remembering that people are animals too, there is a wonderful exercise at the end of the Animal class to help you connect with your ancestors and retrieve positive lessons they have learnt. At first glance it is not obvious why this would be in the Animal class until you realise if you go back far enough down the evolutionary tree, humans are just animals too.

If you really want to make quantum-shifts, I whole-heartedly recommend you take Intuitive Anatomy. It can be difficult to explain to people who haven't already done it, but the shifts you will experience on this course will take your awareness to a whole new level.

(There's more info on IA in the next column)

Vianna Stibal (founder of the ThetaHealing technique) found that when she was working with people, scanning a specific organ or part of the body brought up all the emotions held there. For instance, and quoting from the Intuitive Anatomy instructor’s manual: “The lungs hold deep sorrow, grief, regret, despair and remorse”.

Intuitive Anatomy is not so much about learning anatomy (though a basic understanding of where the different organs are certainly helps), but helping us clear beliefs held in different parts of the body. For instance, you don’t get an exercise on how to draw a heart, you get exercises on how to deal with the beliefs it holds on to.

For me (and others), IA was the real game-changer. Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper give you the "techniques" of ThetaHealing, Intuitive Anatomy is where you spend 3 weeks working on your own belief systems and the changes can be quite profound.

There is also a wonderful seminar called World Relations that unearths your inner resentments and prejudices towards other people. It really is worthwhile taking.

If you want to work with people, I cannot emphasise how useful this class would be.

In the past, cancer used to be more or less a death-sentence, but treatment has come a long way in the last few years. But having said that, a lot of people will have fears around cancer; fears of getting it, fears of catching it, etc. In the Disease and Disorder class you cover a great many ailments and your (possible) fears associated with them.

Vianna Stibal calls DNA3 a survival kit. Up to this point, all the classes are focussed on clearling your beliefs, whereas DNA3 is about changing things around you; changing water, moving objects, etc.

DNA3 is where the magic begins.

Other ThetaHealing classes that other instructors may be able to offer:

  • Planes of Existence
  • Soul Mates
  • RHYTHM to Finding Your Perfect Weight
  • Family Ties Seminar
  • Forgiveness, Love and Power
  • Free Yourself from Addictions, Attachments & Vows
  • Game of Life
  • Forgiveness, Love and Power
  • Think What You Think
  • Wealth Consciousness

The Animal and Plant Seminars are all about establishing a deeper connection with animals, plants and the elemental/fairie world. I take participants out to a forest or park, and if available a farm or zoo to allow you to experience what it is to communicate with the 2nd and 3rd planes in a new and insightful way.

Remembering that people are animals too, there is a wonderful exercise at the end of the Animal class to help you connect with your ancestors and retrieve positive lessons they have learnt. At first glance it is not obvious why this would be in the Animal seminar until you realise if you go back far enough down the evolutionary tree, humans are just animals too.