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How to run a ThetaHealing session

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I thought it might be a good idea to "go back to basics" and describe, in general, how a session should be run.

EVERY session is different, but there's some ground rules on things you should and should not do. So here goes...

How to run a Theta' session

First some general tips:

It is always a good idea to do a scan on someone at the beginning of a session.

If you ask Creator to show you what you need to be shown for this person's highest-and-best at this time, you'll get a visualisation or perhaps a word or feeling. This gives you something to go on, but remember that you have to keep your own interpretations and opinions to yourself and seek the highest truth.

A scan also establishes a deeper connection between you and the client.

It is very important to dig and confirm your findings with muscle-testing. Remember that if the client is dehydrated their testing may be off. Throughout the session, re-check their yes' and no's to be sure.

If you don't dig for the underlying belief any changes you make may not hold. Digging is one of the single most important techniques you need to master in ThetaHealing. Which is one reason the Dig Deeper class is now mandatory.

When you start out in ThetaHealing, digging can be a bit daunting. It isn't really, but you do need to practice.

You must always have permission to scan someone and to change beliefs. If you are going to pull a negative belief, the client must agree to that and also to the positive replacement; if they don't, it isn't going to hold.

Sometimes, just downloading unconditional love is all you need to do - most sessions are more involved than that, but it does happen.

Try not to rely just on scanning, just on digging or just on downloads ... you need to do all three:

  1. Meet-n-greet.
  2. Ask permission to work with the client.
  3. Ask permission to scan.
  4. Ask if they have anything specific they want to work on. If so, use that or the result of the scan as a starting point.
  5. Talk to them - see if they state out loud a belief.
  6. Use the 7Ws to try and get a better idea of what's going on. There's some handy digging tips in my BLOG post: "Why talking is important".
  7. Keep digging - digging really is just talking to someone,
  8. If they start going round in circles or fidget in their chair, you are probably close.
  9. Verify beliefs with muscle-testing, remembering to check the 4 levels.
  10. Ask permission to both pull the negative and replace with a positive. Witness what happens. Sometimes when I do this I get a sensation of "nah". This usually means it wasn't the belief that needed to be replaced and I need to keep digging. There's also some handy tips in my BLOG post: "How not to say Not" when it comes to belief work.
  11. Verify the change with muscle-testing. If it didn't hold, keep digging.
  12. Remember that the 3Rs comes up almost every time in one form or another.
  13. Remember to finish off the session with the nice, soft techniques such as "unconditional love", "return of soul fragments", etc.
  14. Remember to rinse off on the 7th plane and when you return do an energy break.
  15. Make sure your client is centred and grounded.
  16. Recap where you started and where you're at now.

My general rule of thumb with ANY Theta' session: The client should leave in a better space than when they arrived.

Above all, know you can do this and have fun in your sessions.


“The world according to John”, August 2018