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I really like your blog John. It's written in a good, light, profound and understandable way.
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What's your lockdown coping-strategy?

Lockdown coping strategiesHere we are (in New Zealand) two weeks in to our self-isolation / lockdown, and I will admit I had a tough day a few days back. It got me thinking:

What's my coping strategy?

We're all different, and extroverts in particular will likely be having a tough time isolating themselves from their friends and family. I'm a bit of an introvert and am content with my own company, but even so, it's not easy.

We have to remember, and yes, we HAVE to remember, that this is for ours and everyone else's health and safety to slow down the spread of the virus. Will we ever actually eradicate it? Will we ever be able to have uninhibited travel wherever and whenever we want? Frankly I doubt it.

But being “bored” is not a good excuse to endanger others and visit friends and family, and by extension, aren’t these the very people you’d want to protect?

So, what can you do for yourself? What is your lockdown coping-strategy??

i) For me, it’s keeping busy. There are loads of jobs to do around the house and garden; but I am fortunate enough to live out in the country, so I can venture out of my front door and work outside and I’ll never come into contact with other people.

ii) What are all those hobby-projects you haven’t had time for recently?

iii) Do you want to read-up or watch motivational or self-development videos?

iv) If you have children, look at the opportunity to be with them as a blessing and maybe teach them some of the skills you wish you’d had growing up. Maybe some basic cooking skills, how to change a car tyre, etc. Get them involved in hobbies where they use their hands and not just look at their devices.

v) But don’t tell the kids they’re watching too much TV; they’re having a hard time too. Instead, encourage them in what they’re interested in, show interest yourself. You may never get this time with them again so make the most of it.

Try to look at this time as a gift and not a hinderance.


“The world according to John”, April 2020