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I really like your blog John. It's written in a good, light, profound and understandable way.
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Having fun with muscle-testing


Muscle testing holding a bookIn ThetaHealing we use muscle-testing to get yes/no responses from your body around beliefs. This is basic stuff taught right at the beginning of your ThetaHealing journey.

It's important to remember that muscle-testing confirms what you BELIEVE to be true, not absolute FACT. So if someone muscle-tests "yes" for "the world is coming to an end", it doesn't necessarily mean it WILL, but they BELIEVE it will; which is actually more relevant, and you can deal with their beliefs.

So, when you start out, you ground and centre your client, and get them to hold their fingers together (body-dowsing works too if they prefer that).

I normally say to people,

Hold your thumb and first-finger together with the pressure it would take to hold a book. (See photo to the left). Tell them to close their eyes (and preferably turn their head away too just in case they sneek-a-peak).

Whilst holding their fingers together WITH A CONSTANT AMOUNT OF PRESSURE, get them to say out loud "BODY SHOW ME A YES" and then "BODY SHOW ME A NO".

It might take a few attempts to get a consistent response - mostly because when starting out, people assume they have to do something different for each question - but after a few tries most people will keep their fingers together for a YES and their fingers will open for a NO. I say "most", but some people are the other way round, but it is more often the case that they are dehydrated. If you get "strange" results, make sure they drink some water and try again.

Once you have consistent YES and NO responses, you can ask all sorts of things. Here's a few questions you might like to try out:

What you are trying to establish should always be a statement and not include NOT. See use of "without" in the first example and my earlier BLOG post "How not to say Not". I was really trying to avoid using the word "question", because it needs to be a statement.

  • "I know how to live my day-to-day life without taking on other people's negative attitudes." ... hopefully they test YES, if they don't ask if you can download it.
  • "I deserve to be in a loving, caring relationship with my most compatible partner." ... hopefully they test YES, if they don't, do some digging to find out why not.
  • "I like drinking gasoline." ... this always makes people smile. I have found that over time you can often tell if someone is trying to control their muscle-testing, or if results are sounding rather strange, so I throw in this one from time-to-time and it can sort-of "snap them out of it".
  • "I am I" ... Now this is an interesting one, and was what I was thinking of when I started writing this.

I'd normally start out a session with "Body show me a YES. Body show me a NO. I am [their name, e.g. I am Betty], Iam I." The really interesting thing is what happens if they get a NO for "I am I". If they're not "I" (i.e. themselves), then WHO ARE THEY? It might just be possible that you have connected with an attachment, virus or something else with its own consciousness. This is when Theta' can get VERY interesting.

Oh, and just a reminder ... There's nothing to fear from what you or the client may perceive as negative stuff if you are connected to The Creator (God); entities and attachments are easy enough to deal with and you don't take it on yourself.

Useful tips:

  1. If you have done any downloads or deep digging work, before using muscle-testing to confirm beliefs, just check YES and NO again; some people can "go off" after doing belief work.
  2. I'd suggest you don't test for "I am a man" or "I am a woman" ... gender issues can be very complex.
  3. Be aware of nicknames, etc. My father was "Kenneth Peter Oxlade". All the family called him Peter, all his workmates called him Ken. It got very confusing at his retirement meal.
  4. Be conscious of what is a logical answer. If our soul is sent into our body to learn virtues (that's what we understand in ThetaHealing), then the virtue your soul would be striving for would be, well, virtuous. It would be unlikely for instance that someone would hold "I must suffer to learn" on a soul-level; they would be looking to learn something like compassion for others.
  5. MAYBE THE BIGGEST "GOTCHA" ... Make sure the person understands the question. I kind-of assumed that English speakers would know what "impervious" meant. I was wrong. I got someone to say "I am impervious to...." and the testing didn't seem right. When I asked them if they knew what impervious meant they said they didn't know but went along with me anyway. So never assume ... we all know what that means.


“The world according to John”, January 2020