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I really like your blog John. It's written in a good, light, profound and understandable way.
Andrea Zellermayer

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TIME ... it's an interesting concept

This was originally written for my Jan 2020 newsletter, but I thought I'd share it here too (slightly edited).


Warped clockI don't know if any of you are involved with newsletters or similar, but having to come up with something new every day, week, month, etc., but it can be a bit of a struggle sometimes...

  • What's topical?
  • What do people want to read about?
  • Will they read it??

So I sat down in front of my PC with little idea of what to write, and just like that, "TIME" popped into my head. But what to say about it?

According to science, time is linear and it moves at the same pace regardless (well, if you are at sea-level on planet Earth - but let's not get too ahead of ourselves).

Some years ago I had a part time job in a hardware store (good fun, nice people, allowed my creativity to flow, but anyway...) and sometimes the last 15 mins before going home used to REALLY drag. But then you'd get someone come up and ask something tricky and before I knew it, it was past time to go home. So what was different, why did time seem to go slowly in one instance and faster in another? Why is it that you can completely forget some things you did last week, but remember a childhood experience like it was yesterday?

We perceive time differently depending on our environment. Which then leads on to a slightly different idea ... does time actually exist or is it even necessary? In the world of science and commerce, then yes, time probably does need to be consistent; otherwise how would we catch the train or meet up with friends?

However, there is a train-of-thought that suggests that past, present and future all exist at the same time.

People often say they "haven't got time", but we do have time, we just decide what we want to spend it on.

With ThetaHealing we teach a number of techniques around the theme of time:

  • Future readings ... yes, they are possible
  • Bending time ... that's possible too
  • and the whole subject of Divine Timing

But then, "what is TIME?"

Oh, and I hope you had the TIME to read this. It took me some TIME to compile, hoping you'd find something of interest.

Until next TIME, have a great TIME, and spend some TIME doing what you enjoy. John

PS. Notice how preoccupied we are with time and how often we reference it? And I wasn't even trying.


“The world according to John”, January 2020