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How quickly should you expect results from a session?

how longI was chatting with a friend yesterday and the subject of how quickly you should expect results from a session came up (not necessarily ThetaHealing).

First off, you shouldn't expect specific results. It's funny how people will go to a GP (doctor) and accept that medication may not work and may need to be changed, but they get upset when they go to see a complementary therapist and don't get the outcome they want.

I tell my students time and again: "If you think you know at the outset of a ThetaHealing session where it's going ... You're probably wrong". The underlying issue or cause of a lot of ailments isn't always obvious, even in the conventional medical world. e.g. A stiff neck can give you a headache, or a painful hip causes backache. I often find that the underlying belief that crops up in a Theta' session is quite different from the visible symptom or habit. That said, there's a number of traits that turn up regularly such as resentment, regret or trust issues.

What I have noticed is that a Theta' session can go one of several ways:

  1. A client may have a very specific issue they want to deal with:
    • If you can find the underlying belief and replace it, this can be very quick, and very apparent to the client too. (I wrote another blog post on this: How many sessions will it take?)
    • You may find the underlying belief and change it, but the ripple-effect might take time. I once heard of a case where someone was in a bad relationship, hated their job and didn't like the house they lived in. The Theta' session went well but they didn't get any obvious, IMMEDIATE results. However, some months later I learnt that the person had quit their job, got a new apartment and met someone new ... and they were happy. In this instance, you're unlikely to dump someone, quit your job and move out of a house in the space of an hour, it'll TAKE TIME, and sometimes the client doesn't always acknowledge that it could have been their session that gave them the courage or the "nudge" to change.
    • Or, they might not want to deal with it. "Yeah, sure, I need to shift XYZ." ... (After some digging) ... "So how does it serve you to keep repeating this?". Then they don't want to go there because it is painful or it DOES serve them in some way to keep repeating the patterns. If they're not ready to address this, then there's little point in carrying on.
  2. Sometimes the client comes with a non-specific "I just feel down" symptom, in which case it's often surprising where the session goes.

Vianna Stibal (the founder and creator of ThetaHealing) says not to get attached to the outcome of a session. I don't second-guess what I get shown in a session; it's not for me but for the client. So the other day when I saw a "beige beach umbrella" in a session, that's what I relayed to my client (I see unusual images all the time in Theta' sessions). In this instance it didn't mean anything to them and we just moved on, but I didn't let it phase me.

Sometimes people just aren't ready to change, but provided we as practitioners have done our best, that's all anyone can ask.

The only thing I actually EXPECT out of a session is that a client should leave a session feeling better than when they arrived, and that is why I am a healer.


“The world according to John”, October 2019