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I really like your blog John. It's written in a good, light, profound and understandable way.
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How many sessions will it take?

I help people heal

I had a new client contact me the other day, and almost the first thing she asked was:

How many sessions will it take?

That was an interesting question, because at that point she hadn't even told me why she wanted to have a session with me. This actually raises a number of issues, and I thought it'd make an interesting topic for my blog.

Perspective (1): "I help people heal, I don't create customers."

In a "conventional" business, the sales team will work hard to gain new clents, and keep them. Once they have a client onboard it is a lot easier to sell them things in future.

As a healer, my aim is to help people heal. That may sound obvious, but I have succeeded in my role if the client no longers needs to come back. From a business-perspective (and I do need to earn money to feed and clothe myself), it would be nice to retain clients rather than have to gain new ones all the time, but that's not the point. What is nice, is if the client who comes for a session thinks highly enough of the technique that they decide they want to learn it for themselves.

Perspective (2): "If the client doesn't heal, what's going on?"

I don't want to use the words fault or wrong, but if someone doesn't heal, why not? Vianna Stibal (the founder of the ThetaHealing technique) suggests that if the client doesn't heal, the healer should look at themselves to find out why they're unable to identify the root cause of the client's issue.

Also, different healers have different experience and areas they work in, and not every healer is the right match for every client. In particular, I ensure that the client is OK working with a man, and if not, I can recommend a number of female healers as an alternative. You never know what's going to come up and sometimes it is just better or more appropriate to have a healer of a different gender.

Perspective (3): Accountability

It's not so much about me healing a client (and indeed, from a ThetaHealing perspective it is the Creator who does the healing not me), but the client needs to want to heal themselves. If they keep repeating the same patterns and actions as before, no amount of work on my part is going to help.

So, how many sessions will it take?

I told the client that ThetaHealing can be quick - very quick - if we can identify the root cause of the issue.

One thing I don't agree with is the idea of "sign up for a package of 10 sessions". If you've read the above, you'll appreciate that from my perspective, 5 sessions (on the same subject) is probably excessive, 10 definitely so. My personal view is that if you haven't made progress after 3 sessions, you may need to re-evaluate what's going on (for an exception, see below). So I suggested to her that she come for one session, see what she thought of it, and I'd follow-up with her in a few days and see how she felt.

After one session with my new client, I got this message from her when I followed-up to ask how she was:

Really good thank you. I was thinking about the situation with [xxxxx] and instead of getting depressed about it I was like "it is what it is". It was good lol. Thanks heaps.

For me, this is job satisfaction.


“The world according to John”, February 2019

Note: There are obviously exceptions around the idea of two or three sessions as every situation is unique. One that springs to mind was a client of a fellow-practitioner who was undergoing chemotherapy. They just wanted a weekly "energetic top-up" to get them through the chemo'.