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I really like your blog John. It's written in a good, light, profound and understandable way.
Andrea Zellermayer

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John's story and becoming a healer

Emotional BaggageClichés ... Don't you love 'em!

I could go on and on about things like shedding yourself of "emotional baggage", but most people will just switch-off because they've heard it all before. So, instead, I thought I'd briefly share my personal story and how healing has helped me.


I used to be a real "worry monger" and would get stressed about the smallest things. I was also very much a home-bird (which I think is very much a British mindset) and I NEEDED to own my own home and have "stuff" around me to feel secure. I'm not entirely sure where that came from, but it may be a result of the immediate post-WWII "baby boomer" generation.

Before, and during the war, people didn't tend to have a lot of possessions and made a big deal out of smaller things. Me getting a secondhand bicycle for a birthday present was a big deal for me (and my parents). Actually, I think if some of this attitude was brought into the present, a lot of this "entitlement" attitude would disappear.

When I started working in London, I bought a (very) small house about 20 miles south of the city and filled it with my "stuff". In hindsight, this was probably filling a need that I hadn't recognised or acknowledged at that point.


After about 15 years of this "status quo", I got together with Pip, eventually moving to New Zealand and marrying.

Pip taught me Reiki and later introduced me to ThetaHealing. We also worked together on writing two books on spirituality. As my long-term career in IT was taking a bit of a nose-dive (due to changes in the entire industry), I chose to learn more Theta' and did a whole swathe of practitioner classes and then went on to do my initial instructor's training in America in 2017.

I didn't realise it at the time, but taking the Theta' Intuitive Anatomy class was the turning point for me, and then learning to teach it in 2018 was the real game-changer.

IA instructors in St Gallen

The Intuitive Anatomy instructor's class in Switzerland, March 2018


Most of you will know that 2018 was a year full of major change for Pip and I as we decided to separate as a couple. Incidentally, we're still good friends, see each other several times a week and still work closely together. We also sold our "forever" home and separated our "businesses".

So how would the "old John", the worry-monger, cope with all this? Knowing how the old me used to cope with situations, I half expected to be a total wreck. Sure I grieved, sure I had regrets, this is normal, but it didn't consume me. I felt that I had gained that "emotional maturity" to handle the situation as best I could. So where had that maturity come from? Sure I'm 54, so I am older (and some might say wiser), but it was more than that.

I credit all the work Pip did with me, all she taught me, and specifically ThetaHealing for getting me to where I am now. So where am I exactly?


Funny thing, someone asked me in class the other day how I dealt with "stuff". After thinking about it for a while, I came to the conclusion that I have to process it mentally first (which is apparently a "male" thing), but after that I can take any fears, resentments, regrets, anger, etc., and work on myself to find out where it stems from, and (most of the time), shift it and move on. And going for a long walk or drive helps (me) too.

What I have also noticed, is that I am no longer attached to "stuff". I do still have things around the house that remind me of people and places I have been, but I don't NEED so much stuff any more. I've been a bit of a bookworm over the years, but I recently let go of eight boxes of books and hardly gave it a second thought.

Just sitting here reading what I have written, I can scarcely believe that I am the same person I was 10 or so years ago.


But I'm not the same person.

I like to feel I am a better version of myself. Sure I probably have more work to do (I suspect everyone will always be a work-in-progress), but I have come so far, and (again) I acknowledge Pip's role in my journey and in particular Vianna Stibal (right), founder of ThetaHealing.

I also give myself a pat on the back; as I feel this is very important.

So how has ThetaHealing helped me?

Another cliché you hear often is "You don't know what you don't know". I guess, if you look at it from a certain point of view, if you did know what the issue was, you'd have dealt with it a long time ago.

ThetaHealing has a way of identifying your deeply held programs and beliefs so you can work on them and release them. Interestingly, you often end up working on something quite different from what you expect. In fact, I tell my students, if there's one thing you can pretty much take for granted in a Theta' session, is that if you THINK you know where the session is going, you're probably wrong.

I saw a wonderful example of this whilst assisting with a recent Intuitive Anatomy (IA) class. In IA you spend a day each covering different aspects of the human body and the emotions and beliefs it can hold. For instance, the skeleton one day, muscles another, heart, etc. This particular student kept on going back to one specific issue they had held for a long time. When you looked at it, you wondered how working on the the respiratory system, then the skin, etc., would keep coming back to the same situation. ThetaHealing, and in particular the Intuitive Anatomy class, has a habit of doing that. Incidentally, they have now dealt with the situation and are moving forward in their new, self-empowered space and not dwelling on the past.

We all carry around "baggage" and the different topics (approaches) in the different Theta' classes help you to identify, recognise and if you want to, release them. It's not necessarily going to be instantaneous - though if you identify the core, underlying issue it can be - but I can assure you, it made a HUGE difference to how I deal with things, nowadays I "Don't sweat the small stuff".

Oftentimes, when people look at the title of Intuitive Anatomy they think to themselves that "I don't need to do that because I don't need to know about anatomy". IA isn't about that. Personally, I reckon EVERYONE should do Intuitive Anatomy, it's THAT powerful at identifying your beliefs and programs that are holding you back.

I cannot tell you how liberating it is to let go of the physical AND emotional baggage we carry around with us.

So WHY would you learn ThetaHealing?

First and foremost, you should learn ThetaHealing for yourself. I actually know of someone who has taken every ThetaHealing class there is, and all the instructors classes too, but they have no interest in teaching, they're doing it purely for themselves.

If I never saw another client, nor taught another class, I feel the time and effort I have invested in ThetaHealing for myself has been worth every penny.

If any of this has piqued your curiosity, maybe the first thing to do would be to book a session and see Theta' in action for yourself. I can do sessions over the phone so distance isn't a barrier - though it is "nicer" to do it face-to-face.

Then, who knows, maybe you might like to go on to learn Theta' for yourself.

Why not give it a go?



“The world according to John”, January 2019 Originally sent out as my newsletter in Jan. 2019.