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I really like your blog John. It's written in a good, light, profound and understandable way.
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Does residual radiotherapy have a consciousness?

CautionRadiationI had a VERY interesting session with a client the other day who had recently finished chemo' and radiotherapy.

The client was saying that she had lower back pain. When I did a body-scan of her, I detected what I described as a "Tasmanian Devil energy" at the base of her spine.

When I started digging on her, it became apparent that she believed that it was the radiotherapy that was keeping her healthy - if she got rid of the residual radiation she feared the cancer might return. After doing some belief work on her and downloading that she was safe and healthy and didn't need it any more, I got an awareness that the "energy" didn't agree. Once I downloaded to it that the client didn't need it any more, it was happy to leave, but prior to that, the energy had the awareness that the client needed it and therefore it was staying in her body.

It had never previously occurred to me that residual radiation would have a consciousness of its own, and I was not just dealing with the client but also the radiation.

It is well know in ThetaHealing that viruses, bacteria and fungus all have their own consciousness as they're alive, but radiation.... that was a new one on me.


“The world according to John”, November 2018