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I really like your blog John. It's written in a good, light, profound and understandable way.
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Change ... good or bad?

IMG 5545Over the last week or so, I was pondering what the topic of my next blog post would be. I have been a bit "quiet" lately because amongst other things, I have been moving house.

In the last week, I have seen quite a few posts on social media around change, and I took this as a sign that I should share my thoughts and perspective on change.

I rather like this quote (which is sometimes attributed to Albert Einstein, though there's little evidence he actually said it - and it has also been attributed to Ben Franklin and Mark Twain):

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Think about it for a moment. If you're not happy where you are, something, somewhere has to change; and there's more than a fighting chance that it's going to have to be you.

It is human nature to be afraid of the unknown, but I can help you work through your fears and unlock your inner potential.

What would you change about your life if you had NO FEAR of the outcome?

At one time I used to be a "home bird" and I needed to own my own home, I needed to have "stuff" around me; this was how I felt secure. After learning and practicing ThetaHealing (and specifically when I learnt to teach it), I have let go of a lot of these "needs".

I moved into a small rental property with a lot of the "stuff" I had in a far larger house, and there just wasn't room for it. I have been going through box after box of "stuff" and I am able to just let it go. Not all of it, let's not get too carried away, but I had accumulated a lot that I didn't really need. We don't "need" much at all to survive, but we often surround ourselves with mementos of our travels, etc. Maybe we have special things gifted to us by loved ones or family. These have their place and are important as part of who we are. But what about all the other stuff? Ornaments, trinkets, etc.?

I cannot describe to you how liberating it is to let stuff go.

Out with the old and in with ... actually, I don't need to bring in new stuff, I am content just as I am.

So what changed? That's a good question. I do feel that through "life's little challenges" we learn to appreciate what's really important in life, but by looking within at our fears, this is what really opens doors. I can honestly say that since letting go of a lot of the things that historically made me feel secure, doors have opened for me that I couldn't have foreseen in my wildest dreams.

Even though these last 6 months have presented me with significant personal challenges, I am not afraid of the future, I am excited by it.

I attribute this to the work I have done with ThetaHealing ... and I am grateful to the work Pip has done with me over the years ... and the "new John" is excited by whatever the world presents to him.

So, do you want to address your fears and see where it takes you?

Here's some of the posts I saw in the last week that put me into this contemplative mood:

Change 1 IMG 6433 IMG 6937 IMG 6941 IMG 6942


“The world according to John”, October 2018