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I really like your blog John. It's written in a good, light, profound and understandable way.
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Being open to possibilities

Infinite Possibilities"OK", I hear you say, "He did a post on manifesting only a few weeks back!".

But this one is a bit different.

One of the "gotchas" with manifesting is not being so specific that you hinder the universe coming up with something for you.

For instance: "I want a white house with a red door overlooking the ocean with fields all around." What if your ideal house had a blue door? But that's not what you asked for.

What if you asked for $1 million but the universe was able to make it $2 million? That's not what you asked for either.

Be more open with your manifesting.

So taking the two examples above, how about something like this: "I would like the most practical house with a view over water."

So the universe can work out what is practical for you and it may be that a view over a harbour might be better than an ocean view. Taking Raglan on New Zealand's west coast for instance, actual ocean views are rare as the town is mostly built around the inner harbour - and houses on the ocean get hit hard by the weather. The harbour is a more "practical" answer but still has beautiful views.

And the money one: "I would like to have sufficient funds to pay all my bills and still have surplus for treats and holidays." You haven't said how much, but the universe can work that out for you.

Remember that you do still need to shed a lot of your limiting beliefs too. Resentments, Rejections and Regrets are major blocks to manifesting, but so is the fear of what would happen if you DID get all you wanted.

So I was pondering this and wondered what would happen if you took off ALL the limits? So I tried it and frankly the result blew my mind. You might want to try it for yourself, but if the universe comes up with something fantastic, don't shrug it off, don't doubt you are worthy, grab it with both hands and be grateful.

Creator of All That Is, I am open to ANY opportunities or possibilities that are for my highest and best. Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done.

 Oh, and if you do happen to win a few million dollars, just remember who told you the most amazing manifestation technique! :-)


 “The world according to John”, September 2018