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ThetaHealing Certificate of Science Master practitioner and teacher

I really like your blog John. It's written in a good, light, profound and understandable way.
Andrea Zellermayer

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Couple arguingI was talking to someone the other day and they said they didn't need to go on the Theta' course "You and Your Significant Partner". Then I told them what was covered and they said "I do need to go on You and Your Significant Partner ... and so does he!".

It really is a great course and covers a lot of topics around blending families, establishing roles, etc.

Does your partner get on your nerves?

Do they do things that drive you up the wall??

Have you told them? Did you set ground rules to start with? A lot of people don't, and this is where things can start to come tumbling down.

So for a bit of an overview, here's some of the topics covered in ThetaHealing® "You and Your Significant Partner", the first seminar in the new "Grow Your Relationshiops" series:

  • Ground rules
  • Male and female roles
  • Money
  • Relationships with the in-laws
  • Children you have as a couple
  • Children form previous relationships
  • Sex and being attractive to the other person
  • Friendship
  • They only want you when you are leaving
  • Not becoming their mother or father
  • Committment
  • Illness
  • Forgiveness
  • Adictions
  • Working on problems as a team
  • Beliefs that block intimacy and trust
  • Sharing
  • Saving a relationship

You and Your Significant Other Growing Your Relationships I


“The world according to John”, September 2018