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Take time to appreciate the small things

When was the last time you just stopped and took time to appreciate the small things in life?

There's been some significant changes in my life in recent years, and I have become more and more aware of the little things in life such as the scenery around me, trees, the weather etc. I made a promise to myself to get out with the camera more often and just photograph the world around me. It's been a lot "easier" because I recently moved to a beautiful part of New Zealand, so I decided to take some time-lapse photos of exactly the same spot over several weeks.

As I sit here typing this post, I can look out of the window and see how the cloud is hanging on the tops of the hill, I can hear the birds singing and see the cows grazing in the field. My partner has lived here for 16 years but she says it is wonderful to see it all as if "new" through my eyes.

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How quickly should you expect results from a session?

how longI was chatting with a friend yesterday and the subject of how quickly you should expect results from a session came up (not necessarily ThetaHealing).

First off, you shouldn't expect specific results. It's funny how people will go to a GP (doctor) and accept that medication may not work and may need to be changed, but they get upset when they go to see a complementary therapist and don't get the outcome they want.

I tell my students time and again: "If you think you know at the outset of a ThetaHealing session where it's going ... You're probably wrong". The underlying issue or cause of a lot of ailments isn't always obvious, even in the conventional medical world. e.g. A stiff neck can give you a headache, or a painful hip causes backache. I often find that the underlying belief that crops up in a Theta' session is quite different from the visible symptom or habit. That said, there's a number of traits that turn up regularly such as resentment, regret or trust issues.

What I have noticed is that a Theta' session can go one of several ways:

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Parasites and parasitical people


noun: parasite; plural noun: parasites
an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other's expense.

I was trying to find a suitable image to make this post "interesting" and almost put myself off my lunch. Anyway..., we've all got parasites in us, on us and around us; it's just a fact of life. In fact, by some counts there might be around 650,000 different types of parasite associated with humans. We can pick these up through the food we eat and walking bare foot on the ground. Parasites drain our energy and food and some of the early indications are that the host becomes thin, will feel hungry all the time, but because the body thinks it is starving, it may actually hold on to fat reserves making the host gain weight.

From a ThetaHealing-perspective, people with parasites are influenced on more than a physical level:

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Negative spirits and how to shift them


Aura cleansing negative entityOftentimes, when starting out in ThetaHealing, people can be fearful of the "negative stuff", and a lot of this fear originated from the church telling people about demons, damnation, etc., and even if you don't necessarily believe it NOW, our predecessors often did. I try to "make light" of that section in the (introduction to) ThetaHealing book because it isn't really anything to fear, and waywards in particular are REALLY easy to send to the light.

If someone does get an attachment, they can feel totally overwhelmed, and although it is easy enough to rid yourself of an entity, often their energy will: (i) mask itself so you're not aware it's there; or (ii) make you believe that you can't shift it. And this is exactly what happened to someone I know yesterday.

The first indicator was: "I am not feeling myself". Now I know it sounds strange, but if you're not feeling yourself, WHO ARE YOU? Using ThetaHealing you can muscle-test around this one:

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I gain my ThetaHealing Certificate of Science

IMG 8838 smallIt has taken a few weeks, but I can now announce that I attained my ThetaHealing Certificate of Science in Montana last month.

This was a major, personal achievement and took a lot of time, personal reflection and work.

As Vianna said at the beginning of the DNA3 instructor's class (the last piece of the Certificate of Science "puzzle"), EVERYTHING up to that point is about personal clearing, growth and development. In DNA3 you start working on the planet, and as Vianna says, "DNA3 is your survivial kit for the world we live in".

I have undergone huge personal shifts and growth as I have progressed through the practitioners, then the instructors classes (where the clearing goes to an even deeper level). In fact, I doubt I would recognise myself if I could go back 5 years and see the me of 2019 looking back through the mirror. I'm enjoying life, I don't let the "small things" bother me, and what's better still, I can help others do the same.

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Ever wonder what would happen if you got everything you wanted?

GenieAndLampI quite often here people say that they never get what they want, or their manifestations aren't working. I believe that one contributing factor in this is that they haven't consciously thought through what would happen if they DID get what they wanted. It may well then be a case that their subconscious mind has thought it through and is throwing up "no, no, don't do it!" messages.

I accept that the following are rather "contrived" scanarios, but let's look at some things that could block you from manifesting:

I want to win the lottery. But if I do, all these people I hardly know will want to be my friends and expect a handout - and I don't want to do that.

A: But if you won even more than you expected, then you could afford to give them something and still have enough for yourself.

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Why don't I see things the same way everyone else does?

This is one of the most common things people say to me when I teach the ThetaHealing® Basic class. Either that, or "I'm not seeing anything"...

We all experience things differently - we just do. If you think about it, we've spent all our lives fine-tuning the way we see, touch, smell, taste and hear things around us, but many people haven't spent much time fine-tuning their intuition and visualisation; these are skills that we start to work on in the Basic class. Here's a good one for you...

What colour is beige?

man plugged in1 300x225Even Wikipedia can't decide: "Beige is variously described as a pale sandy fawn color, a grayish tan, a light-grayish yellowish brown, or a pale to grayish yellow. It takes its name from French, where the word originally meant natural wool that has been neither bleached nor dyed, and hence also the color of natural wool." But you know what beige is (to you) when you see it.

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Spiritual v Psychic v Religious ... Let's discuss

Spiritual Psychic ReligiousThis is bound to stir up some discussion...

When I was a kid, I took being spiritual and being religious to be the same thing; they're not. I also thought psychics were weird people who talked to the dead; not necessarily (but there are some weird psychics out there) ... but, I digress.

Where I'm coming from, is this. There's a lot of misconception about what it is to be spiritual. When I started getting "into" this kind of work, people started asking me if I was a born-again Christian? Had I gone all religious? etc. The answer is "no" to both of those by the way.

I thought I could clarify a few things by looking up the definitions of Spiritual, Psychic and Religion on the Internet; and we all know that if it's on the Internet it's got to be true. The problem is, true or not, different resources can't seem to make up their respective minds on what these terms actually mean; and that's half the problem. When the academics can't agree, there's not much hope for us lesser mortals.

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Do you know what it is to be impervious to negativity?

You know what they say... "Never assume". Well, I always assumed that impervious was a run-of-the-mill English word that every (native-speaker) knew and understood. Well, I was wrong.

One of my "favourite" ThetaHealing downloads is:

I live my day-to-day life impervious to the negative thoughts and actions of others.

imperviousWhich is actually a really good, really powerful download, provided you know what impervious means!

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What are you getting out of holding on to it?

What are you getting out of it small

People don't have negative beliefs.

At first, that might sound a bit odd, because people believe all sorts of things, and sometimes they're not very helpful or constructive. So why don't they let them go? Because, we don't have NEGATIVE beliefs, in some way, by some means, the belief (whatever it might be) serves us in some POSITIVE manner.

My role as a ThetaHealer is to help you find out what that positive aspect is, and if you want to, help you let go of it. It sounds quite straightforward, and a lot of the time it is, you just need to figure out what you're getting out of the situation and what you're learning from it.

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How many sessions will it take?

I help people heal

I had a new client contact me the other day, and almost the first thing she asked was:

How many sessions will it take?

That was an interesting question, because at that point she hadn't even told me why she wanted to have a session with me. This actually raises a number of issues, and I thought it'd make an interesting topic for my blog.

Perspective (1): "I help people heal, I don't create customers."

In a "conventional" business, the sales team will work hard to gain new clents, and keep them. Once they have a client onboard it is a lot easier to sell them things in future.

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Discernment - the ability to judge well

fork in roadI was wondering what to write for this blog-post, and chewed over trust, love, faith, etc., then I realised that all of those should probably be tempered with a good amount of discernment, so I thought I'd write about that instead.

So what's the big deal about discernment? Maybe it's easier to talk about what could happen WITHOUT it.

What would happen if you trusted everyone?

What would happen if you loved everyone?

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John's story and becoming a healer

Emotional BaggageClichés ... Don't you love 'em!

I could go on and on about things like shedding yourself of "emotional baggage", but most people will just switch-off because they've heard it all before. So, instead, I thought I'd briefly share my personal story and how healing has helped me.


I used to be a real "worry monger" and would get stressed about the smallest things. I was also very much a home-bird (which I think is very much a British mindset) and I NEEDED to own my own home and have "stuff" around me to feel secure. I'm not entirely sure where that came from, but it may be a result of the immediate post-WWII "baby boomer" generation.

Before, and during the war, people didn't tend to have a lot of possessions and made a big deal out of smaller things. Me getting a secondhand bicycle for a birthday present was a big deal for me (and my parents). Actually, I think if some of this attitude was brought into the present, a lot of this "entitlement" attitude would disappear.

When I started working in London, I bought a (very) small house about 20 miles south of the city and filled it with my "stuff". In hindsight, this was probably filling a need that I hadn't recognised or acknowledged at that point.

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Keep your boat afloat

Sinking boatDo you take on other people's "stuff"? Most people do. Never underestimate the power of many voices, or even one. It is all too easy to accept what other people have to say, even to the point of disbelieving your own point of view.

One aspect of becoming more spiritually "aware" is that you become more empathic towards others - that is kind-of the whole point. But if you're not careful, you can also start taking on the other person's negative opinions, attitudes and thoughts.

Boats don’t sink because of the water around them; boats sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.

You have to remember that people who come for healings will have an issue they want to work on. When was the last time someone went to a healer (or a doctor for that matter) and said "I feel great, I just thought I'd come and tell you!"? It just doesn't happen. You don't even have to be a healer to want to protect yourself from their negativity. One of my favourite "go to" ThetaHealing downloads is this one:

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Is change good or bad?

Change Photo

I guess that depends on where you are now, and where you PERCEIVE you'll end up.

It is actually quite normal to be fearful of change because people fear the unknown. It doesn't necessarily make you a "control freak", but (many) people like the comfort of knowing what's going to happen when they get up in the morning. But what if you don't like where you are now? You could get stuck between a rock and a hard place (to coin a phrase); you don't like where you are now, but you are fearful where you could go.

ThetaHealing is very good at identifying fears that block you, but from a simplistic level:

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You manifest what you dwell on, so dwell on the good

ThinkPositiveOne of the key tenets of ThetaHealing is being able to manifest. EVERYONE can manifest, but how effectively and WHAT they manifest varies a lot.

In "The Secret", Rhonda Byrne explains that whatever we put out, (or put another way) whatever we focus on, THAT'S what you'll attract. If you keep moaning about how miserable a day it is, you're going to have a miserable day. However if you choose to focus on the good parts, you'll notice and attract more of the good (even if there is still not-so-good stuff going on too). "The Secret" is just another way of looking at manifesting

First off, you probably want to look at any worthiness issues you may have. If you don't feel you're worthy of attaining something it probably isn't going to happen.

Then you need to decide what it is that you actually want - and that's not as easy as you might think. Explore what would happen if you got it. An example I use sometimes is if you want horses, who's going to look after them if you go on holiday? Think about what you want, what you need to make it happen, whether you need help, etc.

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Does residual radiotherapy have a consciousness?

CautionRadiationI had a VERY interesting session with a client the other day who had recently finished chemo' and radiotherapy.

The client was saying that she had lower back pain. When I did a body-scan of her, I detected what I described as a "Tasmanian Devil energy" at the base of her spine.

When I started digging on her, it became apparent that she believed that it was the radiotherapy that was keeping her healthy - if she got rid of the residual radiation she feared the cancer might return. After doing some belief work on her and downloading that she was safe and healthy and didn't need it any more, I got an awareness that the "energy" didn't agree. Once I downloaded to it that the client didn't need it any more, it was happy to leave, but prior to that, the energy had the awareness that the client needed it and therefore it was staying in her body.

It had never previously occurred to me that residual radiation would have a consciousness of its own, and I was not just dealing with the client but also the radiation.

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How do past lives serve you?

Past Life Memories of Children main 2 postMany (spiritual) people tend to get bogged down with what they perceive to be past-life experiences, and end up re-living those past lives to the detriment of the present. We are here and now, in this world, in this body, and dwelling on the past is largely a waste of time and energy.

If you really want to get to the bottom of it, ask these questions:

  • How does recalling this past life serve me?
  • What am I learning from it?

In a previous blog post, I mentioned that we don't actually have "negative" beliefs, instead every belief we have, or experience we're going through, serves us in some way, and I believe, finding what that is is the key to understanding a situation. Once you understand the reason, you can choose to let it go, but if it still serves you, you may not want to.

Why are you even being made aware of these past-lives? In my experience, people often only become aware of these past-life experiences as they develop spiritually, and sometimes this can be overwhelming for them. However, if you choose to look at it slightly differently, perhaps this can ease your burden:

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Are more men becoming interested in spirituality?

Spiritual menI admit that's a bit of a loaded-question, but I just spent an enjoyable weekend at the Hamilton Natural Health Expo. It was the first time I was "flying solo" as a healer in my own right (as opposed to sharing a stand) and it was interesting to observe some quite significant (from my perspective) changes from previous years.

Over the two days I spoke to about 3 or 4 women, but ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE WHO CAME TO MY STAND WERE MEN. Now I was half expecting there to be a few more men than usual (men finding it easier to talk to men, etc.), but not as many as I saw. You often see men come along with their partner who are obviously just there "because". This year was different, and I spoke to other stallholders who said the same thing; there were a significant number of men there on their own; and they were genuinely interested in what was going on.

I have taught classes of all men in the past, and it tends to be a very different dynamic to a class of women. Neither better nor worse, just different.

As a male, I enjoyed John's teaching style, humour, self-awareness - and in a class full of men. It helped me find resonance between the ideas of Theta' and my own particularily male/masculine personality.

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