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Why don't we just let go of our negative beliefs?

letting goThat's a good question; so why DON'T we let go of negative beliefs? Surely if a belief is negative and holding us back, we'd want to let it go; I know I would. The "trick" is realising that our subconscious is holding on to it because in some way it is serving us, and quite often that means it is keeping us safe. Maybe in the past we've been hurt in one way or another and by not allowing the situation to happen again, we won't be hurt again.

So you need to identify the "positive" thing you are learning from this "negative" situation.

When a person has been through a traumatic situation it can be a bit of a "bitter pill to swallow" to ask them what they are learning from the situation, or why they are choosing to hold on to it, but once they do acknowledge it they can move forward.

This is also why you cannot just pull all negative beliefs - your subconscious doesn't hold on to negative beliefs only positive ones. In ThetaHealing we use a technique called digging to identify a person's beliefs - and they're quite often something quite unexpected - otherwise they'd probably have figured it out before!

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Change ... good or bad?

IMG 5545Over the last week or so, I was pondering what the topic of my next blog post would be. I have been a bit "quiet" lately because amongst other things, I have been moving house.

In the last week, I have seen quite a few posts on social media around change, and I took this as a sign that I should share my thoughts and perspective on change.

I rather like this quote (which is sometimes attributed to Albert Einstein, though there's little evidence he actually said it - and it has also been attributed to Ben Franklin and Mark Twain):

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

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Being open to possibilities

Infinite Possibilities"OK", I hear you say, "He did a post on manifesting only a few weeks back!".

But this one is a bit different.

One of the "gotchas" with manifesting is not being so specific that you hinder the universe coming up with something for you.

For instance: "I want a white house with a red door overlooking the ocean with fields all around." What if your ideal house had a blue door? But that's not what you asked for.

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Couple arguingI was talking to someone the other day and they said they didn't need to go on the Theta' course "You and Your Significant Partner". Then I told them what was covered and they said "I do need to go on You and Your Significant Partner ... and so does he!".

It really is a great course and covers a lot of topics around blending families, establishing roles, etc.

Does your partner get on your nerves?

Do they do things that drive you up the wall??

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What's worse than dying?

DyingBirdWhen you're doing a session with a client, to get to the bottom of a fear you often ask: "And what's the worst thing about that?" and they may come back with: "I'll die."

Now at first, that sounds pretty bad, hey, you're dead, but keep asking the same question: "And what's the worst thing about that?"

That will make them think.

Now I haven't passed over and returned, so I have no actual experience of this, but a lot of the time the act of passing over is either a release from chronic illness or quick. It turns out that a lot of people don't actually fear the process of dying itself, what they fear is what they'll miss out on when they've gone, which is often missing time with their loved ones.

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The ability to judge well.

synonyms: judgement, taste, discrimination, refinement, cultivation, sophistication, enlightenment, sensitivity, subtlety; insight, perceptiveness, perception

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Let go of your Resentments, Rejections and Regrets

The 3RsPeople waste a HUGE amount of time holding on to Resentments, Rejections and Regrets.

In my experience, pretty much everyone has atleast one of them, I know I did. The thing is, with ThetaHealing they're so easy to get rid of.

I'll give you an example...

I was about 20 when I got my first job in an office in London. There was a young girl there and we'd say "Hi" when we passed each other in the corridor. We were friends. Then one day, as she passed me she said "Don't wish me a happy birthday then!". I don't know why, but I replied "OK, I won't.". WHAT A STUPID, JUVENILE THING TO SAY. It was her birthday for goodness sake, and I was spiteful to her. Not that you should be rude to people the other 364 days of the year either!

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How not to say Not



When you’re doing a session with a client, it can sometimes be difficult to phrase a question without using something like “Not, Can't, Don't and Won't”. There are atleast two different ways to get around this:

“No” can be a perfectly acceptable answer to a question. For instance

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Why talking is important

Talking resized


Have you ever noticed that when you need a friend they always say “Tell me about it”?

A lot of people spend years, maybe their entire lives NOT talking about something, but it can be really valuable to “get it off your chest”.

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Who is this God Person Anyway?

Creator smallThe title of this post is a shameless quote from Douglas Adams’ novel “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”; one of my favourite books, but it does raise a good question, “Who is God?”

Now seeing as I was brought up in a non-religious family, that’s even more interesting, especially to me. It wasn’t until I was introduced to spirituality by my wife that I even gave it much thought.

In Christianity, God is often portrayed as a person, which then brings in the whole issue of gender; is God male or female? Does it matter?? Then the Bible has an interesting twist, because in Luke 17:21 (KJV – King James version) it says “The kingdom of God is within you”. Now I know that the bible has been interpreted hundreds, perhaps thousands of times in the last two thousand years, but how can the kingdom of God be within you – or me?

In ThetaHealing® ( - the technique I am most familiar with), we teach “going up to the seventh plane of existence (see below), to the Creator of All That Is”. This is a meditational technique to raise your awareness, it is not "up" like going up in a lift, it is more about going within but "raising" your vibration; not so easy to explain, but easy to do with practice. Once on the seventh plane of existence, you feel the energy of creation all around you.

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My thoughts about making more time

Warped timeDo you never seem to have enough time?

I will admit that I tend to put off things I want to do for myself (hobbies, etc.) until after I have wiped all the other tasks off the board. The problem is, the board is never going to be empty as there's always something to do.

It is very important to allocate time for yourself, so instead of trying to finish everything on the board BEFORE you have "me time", put the "me time" on the board too and allocate time to do it.

It sounds simple, but then perhaps it is supposed to be!

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