John Oxlade
ThetaHealing Certificate of Science Master practitioner and teacher

Are you going through major challenges or changes in your life?

decision making processes1I can help you regain focus, see what's truly important in life and plot a course through the storm to the clear skies beyond.

Ten years ago, if someone had told me I would be teaching spiritual, self-development classes I would've laughed at them, but it is funny where life takes you and I am doing just that, and enjoying every minute of it.

On my own, personal journey I have faced, health, financial and relationship challenges but I have kept afloat in these challenging times, and I'd love to be able to share with you HOW, and help you do the same.

How ThetaHealing® helped me

ThetaHealing® has a way of identifying your deeply held programs and beliefs (what you might call "conditioning") so you can work on them and release them. Interestingly, you often end up working on something quite different from what you expect. In fact, I tell my students, if there's one thing you can pretty much take for granted in a Theta' session, is that if you THINK you know where the session is going, you're probably wrong.

Since starting on my spiritual journey about eight years ago, I have undergone profound changes for myself and seen it in others. I appreciate what is truly important in life and have gained a whole new perspective on my place in this world and how I can help others. This was especially profound after I learnt some of the more advanced ThetaHealing® techniques.

We all carry around "baggage" and the different topics (approaches) in the different Theta' classes help you to identify, recognise and if you want to, release them. It's not necessarily going to be instantaneous - though if you identify the core, underlying issue it can be - but I can assure you, it made a HUGE difference to how I deal with things, nowadays "I Don't sweat the small stuff".

I cannot tell you how liberating it is to let go of the physical AND emotional baggage we carry around with us.

What is ThetaHealing®?

How ThetaHealing® can help you

I can offer one-on-one sessions or a series of short-courses to help you find a more positive focus in your life.

If you would like to learn more, drop me a line or call me, I would be happy to help.

John Oxlade

A testimonial

From a fellow ThetaHealer met during some instructor's training:

John is a powerful healer with a great command of the ThetaHealing technique. I have received great support and enjoy his down-to-earth ... application of ThetaHealing. As a colleague, I have witnessed him skillfully accompany challenging sessions. I highly recommend him as a healer and teacher.

Upcoming ThetaHealing® "foundation" classes

Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper are the pre-requisites for any further classes, however I personally believe that you should also do "You and the Creator" before undertaking anything else as it makes it so much easier to do the digging in later classes.

CLICK HERE to see a schedule of ALL my classes

Basic DNA introduces the ThetaHealing techniques

The Advanced seminar expands on the knowledge from the Basic seminar

Dig Deeper gives you additional techniques that you can use so you are confident at digging to find your clients' key core beliefs

Get to know your true motivations, learn to know true intuition versus being led by what you want to happen

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What my students have said about each seminar

I felt relaxed and happy [in class], it was a fun environment for optimal learning.

Great course, gives more practice than Basic and gives more, in-depth knowledge. Loved it.

I wasn't planning on doing Dig Deeper, but this has helped with my Theta' practice in ways I didn't know I needed.

I loved this course and really recommend every practitioner does it. I can see it benefitting your Theta' application to be more accurate readers, particularly for those eager to discern better, for those with "brain candy minds" and those seeking clarity.