Intuitive Healer

About John

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Growing up I would always question everything and you could say I only believed things on the basis of “evidence” in one form or another; usually visual or at least easily recorded and documented. I always considered myself to be the logical one in the family. That said, over time I have come to feel that there is definitely something more going on than can be explained by my scientific upbringing.

My wife introduced me to a number of complementary-healing techniques including Reiki but more significantly (for me) ThetaHealing®. I learnt Theta' Basic back in 2010 but my real insights came about when I did Intuitive anatomy in early 2017. I then chose to go on and do my initial instructor's training in Montana in 2017 and Switzerland in 2018.

No one was more surprised than myself when I realised I could heal.

In my time using ThetaHealing, I have witnessed many things that conventional science simply cannot explain, and my “epiphany moment” was accepting that I don’t have to understand how everything works, I just know that it does.

I have encountered a lot of people who simply do not understand spiritual “healing”, and I would be happy to explain it from my perspective, but to really appreciate it you need to experience it for yourself.

The key is to be open-minded.

I look forward to hearing from you.